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Use smart tag to fill series of dates in

Microsoft Excel—New in Excel 2002 (xp)

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The Smart Tag lets you enter a series of dates automatically. You can enter an ascending series according to days, months and years.


1. Select Cell A1, and press Ctrl+;.

2. Click the Fill handle at the bottom right edge of Cell A1, and drag it to several cells in the column. Do not cancel the selection of the range of dates. Excel creates a series according to days.

3. Click the arrow in the Smart Tag. Select Fill Months

See screenshot for a sample









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Indicators for the maximal and minimal values


Creating a formula that will indicate the maximum and minimum values in List1 by returning ""Max Value"" or ""Min Value"" in the cell next to them.


Enter the following IF statement, using the MAX and MIN functions, in column B: =IF(A2=MAX($A$2:$A$8),""Max Value"",IF(A2=MIN($A$2:$A$8),""Min Value"",""""))









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Color numbers based on the value result in Microsoft Excel

There are two ways to color numbers according to criteria:

· Custom formatting for a number with criteria

· Conditional formatting

Using custom formats for numbers with criteria
Your options for coloring a number are not limited to displaying negative numbers red. You can color positive and/or negative numbers in any color you wish (do not get excited - the number of colors is limited to eight, and most are difficult to read). Do this by adding the name of the color to the number format in brackets.

Example: [BLUE] #,##0 ;[RED](#,##0)

A positive number is displayed in blue; a negative number is displayed in red; and 0 is displayed in blue (since there is no third section, 0 receives the format of the positive number by default).

Add a condition to the formatting, and have each section be displayed in a different color: [BLUE] [>5000]#,##0 ;[RED](#,##0); #,##0





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